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Bainbridge Legal Family Lawyers

Take the stress out of your separation

Bainbridge Legal has one main purpose and vision, that is to make the family law separation process as smooth and stress-free as possible. We can help you with your divorce application, negotiating the division of property, solving parenting (custody) disputes, drafting and advising on binding financial agreements, and many other areas specific to family law.

Parramatta's Family Law Experts

At Bainbridge Legal, we specialise in family law. Our Principal, Dean Bainbridge, holds family law specialist accreditation from the Law Society of New South Wales. Our team of lawyers have spent their entire careers principally dedicated to the study and practice of family law.

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We Are Pioneers in family law

Our expert family law solicitors and barristers
work in a solution-oriented manner, prioritising client satisfaction.

Family lawyers in Parramatta
Legal Counseling


Dissolution of marriage

Individual Consulting


Child custody disputes

Criminal lawyer


Dividing assets

Business lawyer


Reaching agreement

Family lawyer

Family Court

Litigating parenting and property before a judge.

Contractual Cases

Consent Orders

Resolving family law disputes through court by consent.

Enforcement lawyer


Contravention applications - ensuring compliance.

Corporate lawyer

Binding Financial Agreements

Contractual agreements
about property.


Our family law team

With our expert family lawyers and support staff, we approach problems in a solution-oriented manner.

team 1

Principal - Dean Bainbridge

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team 2

Senior Associate - Zoe Wanschers

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team 3

Lawyer - Francis Alphonse

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team 4

Senior Associate - Linley Li

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team 5

Senior Associate - Carly Green

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team 6

Associate - Rima Daher

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Helpful information about family law

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